As the specialists in all OEM riser systems, we deliver higher performance for both existing assets and newbuild technologies that enable more wells drilled in less time; lighter, faster and safer riser make up; and the removal of HSE risk factors for on-rig personnel. We deliver unparalleled service and support to recertify any OEM equipment or to provide OSI CertifiedTM warranty backing as CEM.

Industry Challenges

Offshore drillers face a range of technical challenges whether in shallow water and deepwater drilling from demanding pressure, temperature, sour-service, or depth requirements to navigating narrow pressure windows. Ensuring the safety of rig personnel safety remains at the forefront. At the same time, many drillers are also emerging from a series of challenging economic conditions and looking to accelerate into the next upcycle.

Cost-effective reactivation of previously cold-stacked assets with condition-based maintenance, ensuring of integrity of pressure-control equipment and adherence to class standards are key alongside the economic concerns driving a need for increased efficiency, performance, and speed of drilling operations. Future safety improvements such as complete removal of personnel from the red zone, automation of equipment, optimization of rig lifting operations, effective riser gas handling, and robust equipment qualification for 15k, 20k or sour service all require technological advancements.

Offshore Drilling Systems Experts

Oil States Industries is a leading manufacturer of high-tech, high-quality drilling riser systems for the offshore drilling industry. With over 35 years of global experience servicing and commissioning all OEM equipment, we have applied lessons learned to enhance existing products, but also to design and manufacture world-leading riser technology. Everything we do has OSI Built-in.

Our innovative, fully integrated systems feature cutting-edge technologies for deep and shallow water that solve operators most complex challenges, and they’re further enhanced by our field-proven connector technologies, which offer unmatched performance and reliability.



Enhanced Performance

We enable drilling contractors to access the highest levels of safety, speed, economy, and performance through proprietary drilling technology and unparalleled levels of service and support.

Enhanced Engineering

Our systems overcome the technical challenges of the deepest HPHT and sour wells, remove personnel from the rig floor, and provide a safer, lighter, and faster way to efficiently rig-up and drill.

Unrivalled Service

Our OEM+ comprehensive services approach provides a “better-than-OEM” premium service quality and consistency for drilling assets from any OEM at a lower cost, giving contractors the peace of mind that existing assets will be ready to go, on-time and within budget, for rig reactivation or simply to spud the next well. This next-level service offering includes options for our condition-based maintenance and global asset management programs, as well as for OSI to provide current equipment manufacturer (CEM) OSI-Certified™ warranty backing for any OEM assets



Systems & Features


Merlin™ 15K HPHT Riser System

High pressure, high temp,
qualified & tested
reduce risk, more strengh, stability and safety

From surface to wellhead in a single shift

Industry first system.
15K HPHT sour service

Enables HPHT wells
from a jackup
in shallow water
vs. traditional semi-sub

  • Drill shallow water high-pressure high-temperature (HPHT) wells cost-effectively with a Jackup rig to tap into unexplored HPHT wells – and new revenue streams
  • Only 15K psi pressure rated riser available
  • Runs surface to wellhead in one shift
  • ISO13628-7 rated for 126° C and sour service
  • Field-proven, 10-minute make-up connection time
  • Proprietary design features just two wear parts for superior strength, stability and fatigue performance
  • Rental option reduces capex and maintenance

Managed Pressure Drilling and Riser Gas Handling System (MPD & RGH)

90% less trapped gas volume

65% faster rig-up

Shift on the fly
to MPD or non-MPD modes
with over-well bearing insertion & retrieval

52% shorter, 43% lighter

50% smaller rig footprint

  • Innovative design for deepwater environments integrates Managed Pressure Drilling and Riser Gas Handling into a drilling riser
  • Retrievable packers allow replacement and servicing without disconnecting the Lower Marine Riser Package (LMRP) for significantly reduced NPT
  • Pull-in bridle connects flowlines and umbilical in one hands-free connection to increase safety
  • Dramatically reduces trapped gas volume to 1.8 bbl
  • Lightweight, compact design eliminates crossovers
  • Reduces rig footprint by at least 40%
  • RCD Bearing Assembly fitted with FlexJoint™ technology to Extend seal and bearing life

Merlin™ Marine Drilling Riser (MMDR)

Puts people 1st
Removes personnel from the red zone
with handsfree, automated make-up

From zero to made-up in 40 seconds

-70% Reduction in riser tripping time

Save up to $21 million in 5 years

  • Field-proven deepwater riser connection rated for 20K-foot depth allows drilling more wells in fewer days – even in extreme environments
  • Reduces riser time by up to6 hours per trip
  • Up to 70% reduction in tripping time
  • Automated, 40-second make-up eliminates workers from the red zone and increases run speed
  • Eliminates moving and separate parts to dramatically reduce consumables and maintenance costs – and total cost of ownership
  • Non-threaded connector increases structural integrity



Connections for All Pressures

Oil States Drilling Riser Systems include Merlin™ Connectors. With over 400,000 connections in the field, Merlin™ Connectors have consistently proven to be at the forefront of connector technology worldwide. The connectors are designed and manufactured to meet a range of high load cases including axial, bending, compression, and internal pressures up to 15K psi for the most extreme environments.


Greater Reliability, Enhanced Safety

Merlin™ Connectors have fewer failure points and demonstrate superior fatigue-resistance compared to conventional connections which provides greater reliability and safety. The unique design geometry of the connection, which includes interlocking teeth rather than threads, means that the connector pin and box can only be mated in one precise configuration, ensures confirmed make-up, and provides superior pre-loaded strength with dual metal-to-metal seals.

Merlin™ connectors require no bolts, eliminating safety risks related to bolt-handling, bolt integrity and costly maintenance of spares. Merlin™ systems can be provided with full automated, hands-free connection make-up with OSI’s riser spider system with demonstrated connector make-up under 40 seconds.


Oil States offers full-service aftermarket support for all OEM drilling assets. Our unparalleled service, maintenance and repair services ensures more consistency, predictability, and certainty of asset condition. We offer asset enhancements to a full CEM branded and warrantied assets


Our services provide dedicated attention and superior service quality on all offshore riser inspections and repairs and are available whenever and wherever needed. Our forensic appraisal of your riser asset condition is conducted in real-time, using our proprietary iAuditorTM condition reporting, providing reports within hours instead of days. Our RiserTecTM team supports with field history and global riser analysis. Using our CrackFirstTM passive fatigue monitoring system can also be installed to provide accurate measurement of remaining fatigue life.


Oil States conducts full engineering analysis and design documentation on assets from any OEM which are designated for repair even if original design documentation is not available. Full 3D engineering drawings are generated, and advanced finite element analysis (FEA) is completed to effectively ‘reverse engineer’ each component. The final engineering work product provides clients with design life confidence and Class compliance.


Leveraging our global facilities, Oil States offers turnkey maintenance and repair near on onboard the rig and can upgrade current systems at a lower cost and in less time than the OEM. Our service personnel and facilities can restore equipment to exacting standards to ensure asset integrity and maximum service life.


Our recertification standards exceed Class and regulatory standards. Our condition-based and cost-efficient global asset management programs provide best-in-class solutions with optional OSI CertifiedTM warranty backing.

Global Support

Through our global footprint in 14 countries and more than 1,200 employees, Oil States provides full-scope, best-in-class, 24/7 service and support around the world through service centers located in every major offshore basin.

Contact us today to begin safely drilling – and saving – more.